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Stoffer Home Cabinetry is for the design conscious and discerning. Among those who follow our work, we have seen a great appreciation for good kitchen design.  Others may not understand why our kitchens are so uniquely beautiful, but you do.  You know that this type of design can only be achieved with flush inset cabinetry.  You have also become aware that finding a good source for this cabinetry, with a deep and durable shop finish, has been quite difficult. 

Like me all those years ago, you have probably searched for a well-made English style, flush inset cabinet and have not found it. We are pleased to offer this line to you in twelve carefully curated paint colors and four exceptional wood finishes.

Your unique kitchen will be designed by an experienced, professional kitchen designer trained by Jean Stoffer, using your measurements, tailored to your needs and desires. Along with your cabinetry design, we will provide two hardware and lighting fixture package options so you can achieve the entire look.

Welcome to Stoffer Home Cabinetry. Your kitchen design dreams can now come true!