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TITLE: Barista at The Bradbury Cafe (part-time)
DATE: November 28, 2022
We are looking for a Part-Time Barista at The Bradbury Cafe at Stoffer Home.
We are looking for an engaging and enthusiastic candidate to join our Bradbury team. Barista experience is preferred but not required. Pay will be set based on qualification.
For more information and to apply, please email Julia Fletcher at


TITLE: Jean Stoffer Design Cabinetry Project Coordinator
DATE: December 2, 2022

Primary Responsibilities:
To provide support for senior designers on all JSD custom cabinetry, including developing technical cabinetry drawings, managing communication with the JSD cabinetry factory, and managing multiple cabinetry projects in a fast-paced team environment. Fosters positive relationships with clients, senior designers, contractors, and tradespersons, to create a smooth design process as a reflection of Jean Stoffer Design.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Oversee all JSD custom cabinetry projects from the schematic phase of design through construction administration and responsible for drafting cabinetry plans in the JSD system. Work closely with the senior designers on engineering the cabinetry designs, meeting JSD cabinetry factory standards.
  • Manage all communications with JSD cabinetry factory including pricing, ordering, scheduling, and fielding all necessary inquiries from the factory.
  • Research and record all necessary appliance specifications per JSD project for full integration with surrounding cabinetry. Integrate selected plumbing fixtures, appliances, light fixtures, countertop and millwork details, and cabinetry hardware accurately in the JSD cabinetry AutoCAD drawings.
  • Make any necessary client revisions in the JSD cabinetry AutoCAD drawings, offering suggestions and solutions to senior designers based on unexpected site conditions or client needs.
  • Process all the necessary documentation required by the JSD cabinetry factory to price/place the cabinetry orders and keep an organized record of all cabinetry factory documents in client files.
  • Keep a record, according to company policy, and manage all JSD cabinetry quotes and invoicing through JSD’s accounting software. Handle incoming bills and client payments in collaboration with the business owner, executive assistant, CEO and outside accountants.
  • Coordinate field measurements onsite with senior designers and project managers, documenting all necessary changes in the JSD AutoCAD drawings and communicating any field measurements to the JSD cabinetry factory.
  • Prepare and return all work orders from the JSD cabinetry factory in a timely manner, making sure all finishes, cabinetry styles, and appliances are correctly documented before placing the cabinetry order.
  • Keep a record of, and prepare JSD cabinetry install packages for, contractors and installers.
  • Supervise and coordinate the cabinetry deliveries between contractors, tradespersons, and JSD cabinetry factory, creating solutions and processes to effectively and efficiently coordinate multiple JSD cabinetry projects.
  • Supervise and manage project timelines with JSD senior designers, general contractors and JSD cabinetry factory, submitting required JSD cabinetry documentation in accordance with the construction schedule.
  • Execute punch list items once the cabinetry has been delivered and installed on-site.
  • Develop a cabinetry project schedule and organizational system for all JSD clientele to insure accurate project timelines, proper billing status, and effective client notes.
  • Routinely communicate with JSD senior designers on a projects’ status and update them on important cabinetry related deadlines or changes.
  • Assist the senior designers with ordering cabinetry samples and meeting client needs.

Experience, Skills and Characteristics:

  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred.
  • Knowledge of, and 5+ years of experience in, custom cabinetry.
  • Highly skilled AutoCAD drafter.
  • Highly organized, detail-oriented and a self-starter.
  • Great eye for detail, proportion, and well-honed ability to create aesthetically pleasing designs using JSD cabinetry standards.
  • Established ability to manage multiple priorities and clients in a fast-paced business environment.
  • Experienced in high-end client services.
  • Professional and polished communication and customer service skills; in person, on the telephone or in writing.
  • Willingness to grow in the position and take on additional responsibility, as required.
  • Ability to excel in a situation where teamwork is the rule.
  • Proven ability to relate with excellence to people from a wide range of backgrounds, values, ethnicities, cultures and ages.

Depending on qualifications
Please send a resume and cover letter to Julia Fletcher at