TITLE: Stoffer Home Cabinetry (SHC) Multi-unit Sales
STATUS: Exempt, Full-time

Primary Responsibilities:
Create a positive customer experience for multi-unit building developers and architects seeking to partner with SHC through fully understanding potential projects; collaboratively analyzing, planning and estimating prices; answering customer questions and making a smooth handoff to SHC designers and project managers. In collaboration with the brand marketing team, create new marketing materials, processes and relationships which lead to additional cabinetry customers in multi-unit buildings, in line with company goals.

Prospecting, Sales and Marketing Responsibilities:

  • Develop a vision for a sales strategy focusing nationwide on builders and developers. Implement a plan for expertly prospecting sales of Stoffer Home Cabinetry with builders and developers of multi-unit building, both new construction and renovations.
  • Develop, analyze and cultivate pipelines of potential customers through creating beautiful and compelling marketing materials, processes, sales presentations, and web presence, in collaboration with the brand marketing team, and efficiently and expertly following up on the sales leads it generates.
  • Make recommendations for changes to the website with the brand marketing team. Write sales, informational and FAQ content when applicable.
  • Keep accurate and complete records in Sales Force, using the full functions of a CRM to effectively communicate with prospective customers.

Informational, Pricing and Estimating Responsibilities:

  • Serve as a customer-centric and thorough first point of contact for all multi-unit SHC customers; quickly and effectively answering questions and providing additional information and specifications related to their project and SHC.
  • Expertly move customers from the cabinetry information stage to the planning and execution stage. Collaboratively with builders and developers, scope and analyze cabinetry projects, expertly listening to their wants and needs, answering questions and providing detailed information.
  • Listen to builder and developer requests and estimate the approximate costs of the SHC project, working collaboratively with SHC designers, project managers and our manufacturers. Communicating thoroughly and effectively with clients throughout this process.
  • Create and regularly deliver customer support materials (electronic or in writing) that explain the processes and products of SHC.
  • Provide positive SHC brand information and make comparisons with competitor brands.
  • Assist builders and developers in understanding and signing the SHC cabinetry contract.

Liaison Responsibilities:

  • When estimating and sales processes are completed, transfer projects to SHC designers and/or project managers, with thorough details and with the highest level of customer satisfaction.
  • Enter information in Sales Force and other project management software effectively and efficiently, communicating with other SHC team members on the details of each project.
  • Regularly compare quality, selection, price and service at competitor cabinetry companies and develop actions based on those comparisons. Develop regular reports summarizing this information.
  • Present sales and prospect reports regularly to SHC team and management.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Bachelor’s degree preferred.
  • Willingness to travel.
  • Prior experience in high-end sales or retail is required.
  • Basic understanding of estimating.
  • Experience with Sales Force preferred.
  • Excellent communication and customer service skills.
  • High level of skill in project and people management.
  • Ability to excel in a situation where teamwork is the rule.
  • Proven ability to relate with excellence to people from a wide range of backgrounds, values, ethnicities, cultures and ages.

For Consideration:

  • Please email a resume and cover letter to Julia Fletcher