Victoria Plain Cabinet Knob

Victoria Plain Cabinet Knob

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Opt for deco design to dress your cabinetry with the Victoria Plain Cabinet Knob, a sophisticated piece. Inspired by the opulence of the deco era, a time where grand geometric shapes reined, a smooth surface and curved edges makes this expertly crafted luxury brass cabinet knob an effortless piece for timeless interiors. Responsibly made from 100% solid brass and hand-finished.

Dimensions: (D = Diameter, P = Projection, B = Base)
25mm: 25mm D (1") x 28mm P (1.1") x 16mm B (0.62")
32mm: 32mm D (1.25") x 32mm P (1.25") x 18mm B (0.7")
38mm: 38mm D (1.5") x 35mm P (1.37") x 20mm B (0.78")

Made in England. Requires a $40 freight cost per order.

This item is non-returnable and has a lead time of 3-4 weeks. Please note that all orders are subject to possible carrier and seasonal delays.