Snow Fabric Swatch

Snow Fabric Swatch

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See the fabric of our Hayward Sofa in your own space! Our fabric swatches are offered with free shipping. This fabric is a Breathe fabric which means it has a durable, plant-based water-repellent finish that resists everyday stains and cleans easily without PFCs, fire retardants or other chemicals of concern, and has earned the GREENGUARD® GOLD certification (it is verified to be free from harmful chemical emissions).

Content: 100% Cotton
Cleaning Code: W
Fabric Rub Count: 15,000
Note: Dye lots may vary slightly. 

Approximately 2" x 2" Swatch

Fabric swatches are non-returnable. 

Cleaning Code W:
Blot the area with a clean, soft cloth to remove as much excess liquid or stain material as possible. Be sure not to rub. Add 2 drops of dishwashing liquid to a solution bottle, fill with lukewarm water, and gently shake to mix. Using prepared solution, lightly mist the stain and wait at least two minutes before cleaning. Working from the outside of the stain inward, lightly scrub the stained area, rinsing the brush often as you clean. Once the stain is cleaned, use the water bottle to completely rinse the cleaned area with water and blot dry with a fresh cloth or sponge. Allow the area to dry completely, and if necessary, repeat these steps until fabric is clean and the stain is removed.

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