Clay Big Waffle Hand Towel
Clay Big Waffle Hand Towel

Clay Big Waffle Hand Towel

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Our Big Waffle Hand Towel offers a soft and comfortable hand drying experience. Waffle is lightweight woven fabric that is extra absorbent and fast drying. Designed with a strap for easy hanging.

Material: 100% GOTS certified organic cotton
Dimensions: 19.7" x 29.5"

Washing/care instructions:
No need for prewashing; it’s organic and already absorbent. Machine wash at 20 to 60℃ (68-140 F). Wash at lowest possible temperatures. Use gentle detergents.
Tumble dry at a low heat or, if needed, then use dryer balls to shorten the drying time. We recommend hang drying. Avoid using softener as this reduces the absorbency of the product. Do not use bleach. Stretch lightly into shape after washing.