No. 14 Comal Cast Iron Griddle
No. 14 Comal Cast Iron Griddle

No. 14 Comal Cast Iron Griddle

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The No. 14 "Comal" cast iron griddle offers a unique large size for cooking versatility.  Utilize the unencumbered large size for cooking up the perfect pizza, warming incredible tortillas, searing meats, or cooking vegetables. The "Comal" will become your go to for cooking on the range, oven, or outside over an open flame. With the smooth polished interior cooking surface you won't want to cook with anything else.

The word Comal comes from the Aztec word Comalli simply defined as a flat round griddle or skillet used over a fire to cook tortillas. Today the Comal is an integral part of Mexican cuisine and culture. Traditionally the family Comal was handed down from grandmother, to mother, to daughter with the idea that a Comal passed down from generation to generation will retain the memory of the flavors from their cooking life.

The No. 14 "Comal" griddles are hand seasoned to perfection, allowing for immediate cooking upon arrival. This robust process creates a non-stick experience, enhancing your ease of use and quickly moving our cast iron cookware into your everyday rotation.

- 100% Made in Texas
- Polished Smooth Cook Surface
- Maintains Heat
- Large unobstructed cooking surface
- Diameter (top): 14.25"
- Depth: .65"
- Cook Surface: 13.75"
- Weight: +/- 9 lbs.