Standard Curtain Rod - Black
Standard Curtain Rod - Black
Standard Curtain Rod - Black

Standard Curtain Rod - Black

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The Standard Curtain Rod creates a classic look. For this rod system, you can use clip rings to hang your curtains or pins latched over the ring to create a more tailored look. Check out the video below for a video on how to hang curtains using pins (video shows a zip rod but all information is also relevant for the Standard rod).

The Standard Rod ranges from 4' to 16'. Any rods purchased over 8'6" will come as two, equal-sized rods with a connector plate to put them together. 

This is a fixed size rod and is not expandable.

Please note: Any rod intended to span a length over 8' may require additional brackets that will restrict the ability to close your curtains completely.

Note: Our current lead time is 4-5 weeks. 

Rod: 7/8" diameter
Rings: 1-1/2" inside, 2" outside
Bracket Projection: 4"

Items included:
Two Finals 
Rings - 28 included. Additional rings can be purchased here.
Pins - If selected, 28 will be included. Additional pins may be purchased here.
Three brackets for rods sizes 4'-12'
Four brackets for rods sizes 12'-16'
Connector Plate for rod sizes over 8'6"

See the video below to view our Curtain Rod Guide. This video will show you how to attach your curtains to your rod using pins.